What is the purpose of the flange?


Flange connection is an important connection method for […]

Flange connection is an important connection method for pipeline construction.
Flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange plate respectively, add flange pads between the two flange plates, and fasten them together with bolts to complete the connection. Some pipe fittings and equipment have their own flange, which is also a flange connection.
The flange is divided into threaded connection (wire connection) flange and welding flange. Low-pressure small-diameter wire flanges, high-pressure and low-pressure large-diameters both use welded flanges. The thickness of flanges and the diameter and number of connecting bolts are different for different pressures.

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According to different levels of pressure, flange gaskets also have different materials, ranging from low-pressure asbestos gaskets, high-pressure asbestos gaskets to metal gaskets.
The flange connection is easy to use and can withstand greater pressure.
In industrial pipelines, flange connections are widely used. In the home, the pipe diameter is small, and it is low pressure, and the flange connection is invisible. If it is in a boiler room or production site, flanged pipes and equipment are everywhere.