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Yuyao Swintool Co., Ltd.

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Swintool is professional China 3 Point Linage Manufacturers and Wholesale 3 Point Linage Factory, with a certificate of ISO 9001:2008.

Our range of products includes SAE flange clamps, turnbuckles, top link assemblies, ratchet turnbuckles, industrial ratchet wrenches. The advantages of our product are the following:
1. Flange Clamps: SAE J 518 (ISO 6162 -1/-2) standards, from hot forging, CNC machining in our factory. SWINTOOL also offers OEM solutions.
2. Turnbuckle: A manufacturer in turnbuckle DIN 1478 made of seamless steel pipe. 500-ton Horizontal hydraulic machine for pipe forming bigger diameter and longer length, also for drop forging.
3. Top link assembly: Professional processing technology of more than 15 years of experience, CNC precision machining, Hot forgings, heat treatment and strict assembling procedure.
4. Ratchet turnbuckle: As a top manufacturer and designer, we have our company standard of ratchet turnbuckles, also can design for your special need.
5. Ratchet wrench: We can design the Industrial ratchet wrench with heavy duty, big size and special purposes for original equipment manufacture. We offer custom OEM/ODM Wholesale 3 Point Linage Factory

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Industry Knowledge Extension

The field of agriculture relies heavily on efficient and effective machinery and equipment to enhance productivity and streamline operations. Among the essential components of agricultural machinery is the 3 point linkage system, a crucial mechanism that connects various implements to tractors or other powered vehicles. This system allows for easy attachment and detachment of implements, enabling farmers to perform a wide range of tasks, including tilling, planting, cultivating, and more.

I. The Importance of the 3 Point Linkage System

The 3 point linkage system has revolutionized modern agriculture by providing a versatile and efficient means of connecting agricultural implements to tractors. This system consists of three points of attachment: two lower arms that are fixed on the tractor's rear and an upper link that can move vertically. The lower arms are designed to provide stability and carry the weight of the attached implement, while the upper link controls the depth and angle of the implement.
The 3 point linkage system offers several advantages over alternative attachment methods, such as towed trailers or hydraulic systems. Firstly, it provides improved maneuverability, allowing farmers to navigate tight spaces and corners with ease. Secondly, it enhances control and precision during operation, ensuring accurate placement and uniformity of tasks like planting or seeding. Lastly, it offers a cost-effective solution by utilizing existing tractor power and eliminating the need for additional engines or hydraulic systems.

II. Category of 3 Point Linage Related Products

Implements and Attachments:
Implements and attachments play a vital role in the agricultural sector as they enable farmers to perform a diverse range of tasks efficiently. The 3 point linkage system allows for easy connection and detachment of implements, making it a popular choice among farmers. Various types of implements can be attached, including plows, harrows, cultivators, planters, sprayers, mowers, and more. Each implement serves a specific purpose, such as preparing the soil for planting, managing weeds, or harvesting crops. These products are designed to be compatible with the 3 point linkage system and provide reliable performance in different agricultural operations.
Quick Hitch Systems:
Quick hitch systems are designed to enhance the efficiency and convenience of connecting and disconnecting implements to the 3 point linkage system. These systems utilize hydraulic or mechanical mechanisms to enable rapid attachment changes, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual adjustments. Quick hitch systems save farmers valuable time during equipment swaps, allowing them to optimize their productivity. Additionally, they enhance safety by minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries that can occur during the attachment process. Farmers can choose from a range of quick hitch systems, including automatic or semi-automatic variants, based on their specific needs and preferences.
Stabilizing and Leveling Equipment:
The stability and proper leveling of implements are essential for achieving optimal performance and desired results in agricultural tasks. Stabilizing and leveling equipment associated with the 3 point linkage system ensures that the attached implements are aligned correctly, minimizing errors and improving efficiency. These products include leveling boxes, sway blocks, top links, and stabilizer bars. Leveling boxes allow farmers to adjust the horizontal position of implements accurately, while sway blocks and stabilizer bars prevent excessive side-to-side movement during operation. Proper stabilization and leveling contribute to uniform field coverage, improved seed depth control, and overall better farm management.