tractor 3 point turnbuckle  3 point hitch turnbuckle

tractor 3 point turnbuckle 3 point hitch turnbuckle

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Tractor three point hitch system linkage parts:

Technical info of 3 point linkage in agricultural machinery :



Tractor three point hitch is also called 3 point linkage in UK, it used to attach the implements to an agricultural or compactor tractor. In 1928 year, Harry Ferguson design it, today 90% of tractor has the similar 3 point hitch dimensions diagram geometry as the industrial standards.


Three point linkage system of tractor including top link assembly, lift link arm, lower link arm and check chain stabilizer link. The lifting arm is also be designed and controlled by the hydraulic system.


There are five category o, 1, 2, 3, 4 point hitch lift capacity types, to choose lift arm/top link/lower arm link pin sizes by tractor power.



Tractor power

Top link pin diameter

Lift arm pin diameter

Lower hitch spacing


Up to 20 hp (15 kW)

58 in (16 mm)

58 in (16 mm)

20 in (510 mm)


20 to 45 hp (15 to 34 kW)

34 in (19 mm)

78 in (22 mm)

28 in (710 mm)


40 to 100 hp (30 to 75 kW)

1 in (25 mm)

18 in (29 mm)

34 in (860 mm)


80 to 225 hp (60 to 168 kW)

14 in (32 mm)

716 in (37 mm)

40 in (1,000 mm)


More than 180 hp (130 kW)

34 in (44 mm)

2 in (51 mm)

48 in (1,200 mm)



Material of tractor turnbuckle:

Seamless cold drawn tubes of grade L 235 or L 355 steel as in DIN EN 10224, in China Q235A, Q345B steel.  


Screw threads of turnbuckle:

The threads of turnbuckles shall be metric coarse pitch threads as in DIN ISO 965-2, produced to tolerance 6H.

Turnbuckle with Right-hand thread and Left-hand thread, as RH and LH thread.


Surface finish of turnbuckle:

DIN EN ISO 4042 shall apply with regard to electroplating.


Turnbuckle Connection components:

Customized forged clevis fork links,top link ends, eye blot, hooks etc.


Tractor Top link cat 1 2 3 size

Adjustable top link for tractor

Heavy duty cat 2 top link

3 point hitch top link adjustment

Tractor top link pin    Tractor top link end

Ratcheting top link / Ratcheting adjustable top link

3 point ratchet jack

Hydraulic top link cat 4    Heavy duty hydraulic top link

Lift arm leveling assembly  Tractor lift arm

3 point hitch adjustable stabilizer

3 point hitch adjustable side link

3 point hitch extendable lower link arms

3 point hitch drawbar    3 point hitch lift arm balls

tractor 3 point turnbuckle  3 point hitch turnbuckle

tractor stabilizer turnbuckle



tractor 3 point turnbuckle  3 point hitch turnbuckle


Tractor 3 point hitch turnbuckle is often used as adjustable chain stabilizer, top link adjustment. Tractor turnbuckle is similar to DIN 1478 turnbuckle, same machining processes.


Material of tractor turnbuckle is S355 Q345B, two end threads is LH and RH, for pulling together or push apart purpose. Surface is white zinc or yellow zinc.


Swintool help you to solve questions of 3 point hitch turnbuckles such as: how to install 3 point turnbuckle; 3 pt stabilizer loosened by tractor vibration; kubota check chain turnbuckle; john deere top link turnbuckle etc.


We offer custom tractor 3-Pt hitch turnbuckle as your specification, competitive price, delivery on time, high quality.

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