Industries ratchet binder

Industries ratchet binder

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Ratchet turnbuckle assembly type:

Technical info of Turnbuckles ratchet :


Material of closed body turnbuckle:

Seamless cold drawn tubes of grade L 235 or L 355 steel as in DIN EN 10224, in China Q235A, Q345B steel.  

Stainless steel is Grade A4 l as in DIN EN ISO 3506-2, in China 304, 316 or 316L stainless steel..


Screw threads of turnbuckle:

The threads of turnbuckles shall be metric coarse pitch threads as in DIN ISO 965-2, produced to tolerance 6H.

Turnbuckle with Right-hand thread and Left-hand thread, as RH and LH thread.


Surface finish of turnbuckle:

DIN EN ISO 4042 shall apply with regard to electroplating.

DIN EN ISO 10684 shall apply with regard to hot dip galvanizing.

For turnbuckles made of stainless steel, passivation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16048 is required.


Turnbuckle Connection components:

Welding stud as per DIN 34828.

Customized forged clevis fork links, eye blot, hooks, rod end etc.


Turnbuckle Assembly

Turnbuckle shall be assembled with welding studs, jaw/jaw, eye/eye,hook/hook. Jaw/eye, jaw/hook, eye/hook etc.


Ratchet turnbuckles for lifting


Eye to eye ratchet turnbuckle

Clevis jaw ratchet turnbuckle

Ratchet turnbuckle Jaw jaw           Baler ratchet turnbuckle

Ratchet load binder with clevis     Industries ratchet binder

Small ratchet turnbuckle                Heavy duty ratchet turnbuckle

Compactor ratchet turnbuckle       Tractor ratcheting turnbuckle



Industries ratchet binder


Industrial grade ratchet binder is commercial mechanism towing or tightener tool, it is used in agriculture, forestry, construction machinery, tractors, bridge builder, highway and street, steel erection etc industries, interchangeable to dixie and koch industries ratchet binders.


Ratchet binder has working load limit from 1000 to 9200lb, steel grade from G30, G40, G70, G80, G90 and higher G120 grade. Swintool industrial product offer a wide range of ratchet load binders, as Chinese manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, high quality standards is the same specification to Durabilt, Coumbus Mckinnon, Scc quickbinder etc.


You purchase custom ratchet binder, best domestic ratchet binder partner, we made it for you, stainless steel load binders, technical specification items is available.



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