Heavy duty ratchet wrench

Heavy duty ratchet wrench

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 Heavy duty ratchet wrench 



Heavy duty ratchet wrench is widely used in machinery manufacturing industries such as road paving machine, snow cleaning car, oil drilling pipeline platform, shipbuilding, mobile crushing and screening equipment etc.


Heavy duty design ratchet wrench types including: internal square driver ratchet; extender square driver socket ratchet; female ratchet; air driver ratchet; hydraulic driver ratchet; stainless ratchet wrench;titanium spud wrench, reversible ratchet etc.


Swintool is professional manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, dealers, wholesaler, distributors of heavy duty ratchet spanners in China. These ratchet wrench is used for ratcheting line-up clamps for welding steel pipe, processing piping, containers, heavy load goods connection etc.


Material of heavy duty ratchet wrench is alloy steel, heat treatment, meet working load capacity to drive 100 ton, size up from 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 55mm hexagon etc. It is designed with special connect shape to fix the specialty machinery and equipment.

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