Who will win the fight between the Chinese wrench and the German wrench?


China is the world’s largest manufacturing country, and […]

China is the world’s largest manufacturing country, and manufacturing has always been an important industry field for China to drive economic development. Some products made in China are sold well in many parts of the world. You can see made in China everywhere in the world. It can be seen that products made in China are affecting the world.


Then the Chinese 20-yuan Ratchet Wrenches and the German 200-yuan wrench will fight each other. Who will win? Now made in China not only means low prices, but also the pursuit of excellent quality. Although Chinese manufacturing has penetrated into all areas of the world, there are still some people who do not recognize Chinese manufacturing.


A younger brother from abroad, he questioned that Chinese-made products only value low prices and ignore quality issues. Therefore, they came to compare the German-made wrenches with the Chinese-made wrenches. The two wrenches have almost no specifications. The difference is too big, but the color is slightly different.


The German-made wrench is made of dark gray matte material, and the Chinese wrench is made of ordinary steel. He fixed the wrench on the table, and then inserted an iron rod into the wrench. The Chinese-made wrench is firm Fixed on the table, but did not bend the iron rod, so he questioned the level of the Chinese-made wrench.


But when he changed to a German-made wrench, he found that the wrench had just been tightened a few times, and the jaws were loosened, and finally broke directly. Everyone knew that the German machinery was of higher quality, but when comparing the two wrenches Next, the winner was quickly distinguished. Do you think that made in China is better, or is it better in Germany? Welcome to comment below!