What turnbuckle should be used with a bed-mounted system


If you choose a bed-mounted tie down system, appropriat […]

If you choose a bed-mounted tie down system, appropriate turnbuckles for your application would be the AnchorGuard or AnchorGuard Derringer turnbuckles. The front set of AnchorGuard turnbuckles are spring-loaded and the rear set is cushioned to accommodate your bed/bumper mounted tie down system.Made from 100 percent stainless steel, AnchorGuard turnbuckles are easy to set up and also come with spring tension indicators.


For the best turnbuckle for a bed-mounted tie down system, the AnchorGuard Derringer combines the FastGun quick-disconnect derringer handle made from aircraft grade aluminum with the basic stainless steel AnchorGuard design.Now that you are familiar with different options of turnbuckle designs, you will need to know how to properly install a turnbuckle on your camper.It is very important to apply the correct amount of tension when tightening your turnbuckles. If there is not enough tension you could potentially lose your camper.


If there is too Turnbuckle Types much tension you may damage the anchor points on your camper.Camper manufacturers suggest that 300 pounds of tension be applied to secure the camper properly. To properly achieve this, Torklift created the patented spring tension indicator.By setting the O-ring of the tension indicator flush with the body of the turnbuckle, once tightened the internal spring compresses and a quarter inch space becomes visible between the O-ring and body of the turnbuckle. The space indicates that you have achieved the proper 300 pounds of tension.