What should I do if the hydraulic wrench is stuck and cannot be removed?


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What should I do if the hydraulic wrench is stuck and cannot be removed from the nut during use. The solution on site is the M64 bolt on the water pump, the nut is 95mm opposite to the side. The on-site use is mainly to loosen the bolt with a hydraulic wrench. I saw that the pump station kept pressing, but the hydraulic wrench did not turn, and after the pressure was relieved, the hydraulic wrench And the sleeve cannot be removed from the nut. If you smash it with a sledgehammer, the hydraulic wrench will not only still be unable to be removed, but it will also damage the wrench and cause personal injury.

In fact, in this situation, there is a small, inconspicuous component on the driven hydraulic wrench, which everyone will not pay attention to. That is to release the trigger. The position of releasing the trigger is one on each side of the hydraulic wrench. Many customers must have thought that the release of the trigger is a non-return function, but this "small thing" has a bigger effect that is when the hydraulic wrench is stuck and cannot be removed, it can be easily removed by pushing the release trigger. Removed the jammed wrench.

The specific method is, before the hydraulic wrench is stuck, what is the pressure on the hydraulic pump station, and then add the pressure on the pump station to the previous pressure, for example, the working pressure of 30Mpa before, then the pump station Adjust the pressure to 35Mpa, keep pressing the high-pressure oil inlet button without releasing it, and at the same time, pull down the release trigger by hand, and the hydraulic wrench can be removed from the nut smoothly. If the maximum pressure of 70Mpa used by the customer is stuck before, then the pressure should not be adjusted, but the pressure of 70Mpa should be used, and then the trigger should be released.

By the way, when you release the trigger, you must move it with your hand. Never use other tools to move or beat it. This is not advisable.