What should be paid attention to in the management of manual tools


1. Tools should be kept by a dedicated person, and easy […]

1. Tools should be kept by a dedicated person, and easy to check and repair.
2. When dangerous tools are borrowed and distributed, protective equipment shall be distributed at the same time.
3. Various tools should be stored in a fixed place.
4. All tools should have recorded data, including purchase date, price, accessories, service life, etc.
5. Tool borrowing must be registered, and the borrowing data should be kept intact.
6. The number of tools should be counted regularly.
7. The storage of tools should be classified.
8. Tools that are more easily damaged should be backed up.
9. The specifications of the tools should be standardized as much as possible.
10. Valuable tools should be collected and stored properly to avoid loss.
11. Tool management should establish management and borrowing methods.
12. The tool storage place should avoid moisture and have a good environment.
13. The industrial and commercial scrap shall be handled in accordance with the regulations, and an application for repurchase shall be applied.
14. The borrowing and returning of tools should be cautious, fast, reliable, and simple.
Hand tools are generally used in special environments, such as flammable, explosive, and extremely harsh conditions. It is a consumable product. Only by supporting the correct use of the handshake tool can the occurrence of injury accidents be reduced.