What kinds of wrenches are there?


1.Stay wrench Features: One or both ends are made with […]

1.Stay wrench
Features: One or both ends are made with fixed size openings for screwing nuts or bolts of a certain size.
Function: General-purpose tool, a hand tool necessary for assembling machine tools or spare parts, transportation, and maintenance of agricultural machinery.
Use: It can be nested up and down or directly inserted during use.

Features: Both ends have working ends with hexagonal holes or twelve-angle holes, which are suitable for occasions where the working space is narrow and ordinary wrenches cannot be used.
Function: Torx end is usually used for the initial loosening and final tightening of screws (caps).
Use: Push the joint between the wrench and the bolt with your left hand, keep the torx wrench and the bolt fully matched, and hold the other end of the wrench with your right hand and apply force.

3.Combination wrench
Features: One end is the same as a single-head open wrench, and the other end is the same as a torx wrench. Both ends are screwed with bolts or nuts of the same specification.
Function: equipment installation, equipment, equipment maintenance, large industrial petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power generation, oil refining and other industries.
Use: When using, adjust the wrench to be slightly larger than the nut, hold the handle with your right hand, and turn the worm wheel with your right finger to make the wrench tightly press the nut.

4.Adjustable wrench
Features: The adjustable wrench has an opening width that can be adjusted within a certain range. It is a tool used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts of different specifications.
Function: Used to rotate hexagonal or square head bolts, screws, nuts.
Use: The wrench is not easy to open, so the pulling force should be applied to the thicker side after opening to prevent the opening of the "eight" shape.

5.Hook wrench
Features: Also known as crescent wrenches, used to turn flat nuts with restricted thickness.
Function: Used to turn flat nuts with restricted thickness, etc.; dedicated to disassembling and assembling round nuts on vehicles and mechanical equipment.
Use: Adjust the torque on the wrench to the value you need, lock the bolt with the wrench, and immediately loosen the bolt when the torque is reached.

6.Socket wrench
Features: A wrench consisting of multiple sockets with hexagonal holes or twelve-angle holes and equipped with handles, extension rods and other accessories.
Function: Suitable for screwing bolts or nuts with very narrow positions or deep recesses.
Use: Put the sleeve on the square tenon of the matching handle, hold the joint between the handle and the sleeve with your left hand, do not shake, so as to prevent the sleeve from sliding out or damaging the edges and corners of the bolt and nut. When using, give the screwdriver sleeve enough Downforce. It can be connected to the extension rod for longer use and increase the torque.

7.Allen wrench
Features: L-shaped hexagonal rod-shaped wrench, specially used to turn hexagon socket screws.
Function: It is specially used for tightening or disassembling round nuts on machine tools, vehicles, and mechanical equipment.
Use: Put the six-sided wrench in the hexagon socket of the screw. Tighten the screw clockwise. Loosen the screw counterclockwise.

8.Torque wrench
Features: Also called torque wrench, torque wrench, torque adjustable wrench, torque can be set, and the torque is adjustable.
Function: Fixed torque wrench must be used for the initial tightening and final tightening of bolts, large hexagonal high-strength bolts.
Use: First connect the square tenon of the wrench to the auxiliary accessories to ensure the connection. Before strengthening the torque, set the force value that needs to be reinforced, lock the locking device, and adjust the direction switch button to the direction of the force.

9.Pipe wrench
Features: Its shape is like an adjustable wrench, but the two jaws have teeth on the surface to increase the gripping force, and the front jaw is a movable jaw. The opening size can be adjusted by adjusting the nut.
Function: Used to clamp rotating steel pipes or other round work objects.
Use: first check whether the fixing pin is firm, the clamping force is converted into the torsion force, the greater the force used in the twisting direction, the tighter the pipe can be clamped.

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