What items must be tested for socket wrenches when they leave the factory


Socket wrenches are commonly used metal tools, and now […]

Socket wrenches are commonly used metal tools, and now consumers have higher and higher requirements for product appearance. At the same time, it is also something that enterprises must pay attention to when building their own brands. The basic packaging of the product and the basic appearance of the product must meet the requirements. , products that cannot be shoddy or have obvious defects can also enter the consumer market. Therefore, some basic inspections of socket wrenches are necessary before leaving the factory. What are the general inspection items?
Outer packaging inspection
1. The outer packaging is free of damage and stains, and the marking and writing are clear and correct.
2. The plastic box has no damage, scratches, stains, obvious shrinkage, whitening, etc.
3. The parameters on the color box are correct, the barcode meets the order requirements, and can be scanned out
4. Place in the package meets the requirements
5. No leakage of accessories
Product appearance inspection
1. The label is pasted and the content is correct
2. Each part has no flash, burr, crack and bump
3. The welding is firm and beautiful, no virtual welding
4. Sleeve electrophoresis is uniform and has a good finish
5. The adapter is blackened without rust and leakage
6. The knurling treatment meets the requirements
7. The model numbers of the connection block and the adapter are correctly marked
Product function test
1. Smooth coordination during product assembly
2. The adapter should not fall off when mating with the connector
3. Steel balls and springs function normally without rust

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