What is the difference between a torx wrench and a ratchet wrench?


I don’t know if you have ever encountered such an awkwa […]

I don’t know if you have ever encountered such an awkward situation in your life, will you mistake a torx wrench and a ratchet wrench? Shandong Motor Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. said that in fact, there is still a big difference between the two. As one of the manual tools used in daily life, let's take a look at the difference between them.

1. Torx wrench

Both ends of the plum wrench are a wreath, and the inner hole in the wreath is made up of two regular hexagons that are concentrically staggered at 30°. Many torx wrenches have elbows, usually the angle of the elbow is between 10° and 45°. Viewed from the side, the rotating bolt and the handle part are staggered.

The structure of the torx wrench facilitates the removal of bolts and nuts in the groove space, and leaves an operating space for the hands, which can well protect the hands. When using supplementary fastening devices and similar operations, a torx wrench can be used to apply huge torque to the bolt or nut.

There are different sizes of torx wrenches, so you should choose a wrench that corresponds to the size of the bolt or nut. When using a torx wrench, push the torx wrench to the bolt connection with your left hand to keep the wrench and the bolt fully matched to prevent the bolt from falling off. Grab the other end with your right hand to increase the strength.

2, Ratchet Wrenches

A manual screw tightening tool, assembled and processed, the front end is a square hole, the movable ball is embedded, and the wrench that can only rotate in one direction is generally used in conjunction with the casing, which is very convenient.

The ratchet wrench is a kind of wrench. The main body of the wrench is composed of a spring, a pawl, a spring and a ratchet. The ratchet wrench mainly decomposes the ratchet part of the original integrated structure into a structure composed of the ratchet wheel and the spacer, which effectively avoids the problem of unevenness of the original ratchet part.

The ratchet wrench has the characteristics of scratch resistance, convenience, and speed, and can exert torque to a greater extent than ordinary quick wrenches. It is convenient for related personnel to a large extent and is one of the indispensable hand tools in life.

Torx wrenches and ratchet wrenches belong to the category of wrenches. They are two similar but different hand tools. In order to increase productivity more effectively, we need to learn more about them.