What is SAE flange connection


SAE flanges are mainly used in shipbuilding, hydraulic […]

SAE flanges are mainly used in shipbuilding, hydraulic machinery, mining machinery and other industries to connect various pipelines to achieve the circulation of hydraulic oil between the pipelines.

SAE flange custom split halves clamp


American Society of Automotive Engineers (Society of Automotive Engineers, abbreviated) was established in 1905, SAE is the world's largest academic organization of automotive engineering. The research objects are cars, trucks and engineering vehicles, aircraft, engines, materials and manufacturing. The standards formulated by SAE are authoritative and widely adopted by the automotive industry and other industries, and a considerable portion of them are adopted as US national standards.


What is SAE flange connection


Some pipe fittings and equipment already come with SAE flanges, which also belong to SAE flange connections. SAE flange connection is an important connection method for pipeline construction. The six types of SAE flange connection are as follows: Type A-the form of attached flange (Flange connection), that is, a single flange (with O-ring), and the other end is the device. Type B—Flange-type coupling, which is a pair of flanges (one with an O-ring). Type C-Flange-type coupling without flanged welding neck.