What Is Ratchet turnbuckle


Turnbuckles can only be tightened or loosened safely wi […]

Turnbuckles can only be tightened or loosened safely with the locking ratchet tool.

Small ratchet turnbuckle

Ratchet turnbuckles are specialty ratchet binders that use a tensioning mechanism as part of an assembly that secures or stabilizes a potentially loose object. They are sometimes called rigging turnbuckles.


Ratchet turnbuckles take up slack and create tension by empowering you to screw the end-fittings--which are joined to other elements of the rig--into the “take up” element of the turnbuckle body.


Double-acting handles have a spring-loaded pawl which helps to provide constant engagement of the pawl in the ratchet wheel, regardless of the position of the ratchet turnbuckle. This makes the double acting handle easier to use whether in general industry, farming, mining, construction, shipbuilding or commercial marine.