What does flange connection mean?


Split flange clamp is a kind of flange, also known as s […]

Split flange clamp is a kind of flange, also known as split flange. It is mainly used in hydraulic machinery and is often used in conjunction with the connecting pipe.


Flange connection is to fix two pipelines, pipe fittings or equipments on a flange first. Between the two flanges, add a flange gasket and fasten them together with bolts to complete the connection.

SAE 37 Flare Flange Clamps

Some pipe fittings and equipment already come with flanges, which also belong to flange connection.


This connection is mainly used for the connection of cast iron pipes, rubber lined pipes, non-ferrous metal pipes and flange valves. The connection of process equipment and flanges is also flanged.


The main features of the flange connection are easy disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance. When installing the flange, the two flanges must be kept parallel, the sealing surface of the flange must not be damaged, and must be cleaned. The gasket used for the flange should be selected according to the design regulations.


Flange connection is an important connection method for pipeline construction.