What are the types of wire cutters


Wire pliers, also known as vise, flat-nose pliers, and […]

Wire pliers, also known as vise, flat-nose pliers, and comprehensive pliers, are a kind of pliers tool, which can clamp off hard thin steel wires, and are often used in industrial production and daily life.
Types of wire cutters:
There are many types of general wire cutters, which can be roughly divided into: professional Japanese wire cutters, VDE high voltage wire cutters (VDE is the first-level German professional certification of pliers), nickel-iron alloy European wire cutters, fine polished American wire cutters, nickel Ferroalloy German-style wire cutters, etc.
Wire pliers size selection:
Size selection of wire cutters: The commonly used wire cutters are mainly 6", 7", and 8". 1 inch is equal to 25 mm. According to the average Chinese height of 1.7 meters, 7 inches (175 mm) is more suitable for use. The power of inches is relatively large, but it is a bit bulky. The 6-inch type is smaller, and it is more laborious to cut a slightly thicker wire. The 5-inch type is a mini wire cutter.
Precautions for the use of wire cutters:
The use of pliers should be done according to one's ability, and should not be overloaded. Do not twist the pliers under the condition of continuous cutting, which is easy to break and damage the teeth. No matter the steel wire, iron wire or copper wire, as long as the pliers can leave a bite mark, then use the teeth of the front of the pliers to clamp the steel wire and gently lift it up or Press down the steel wire to break the steel wire, which not only saves effort, but also does not damage the pliers, which can effectively extend the service life. In addition, the wire pliers are divided into insulated and non-insulated ones. You should pay attention to the distinction during live operation to avoid being injured by strong electricity!