What are the preventive measures for hand tool injuries


1. Direct factors of injury caused by hand tools: ① Imp […]

1. Direct factors of injury caused by hand tools:
① Impact or impact: The used tool flies out of control or loses the balance of the body, causing it to hit the worker or nearby colleagues.
② Cut: Cut by the cutting edge, burr, or sharp corner of the tool.
③Splash: The substances produced during work, such as cutting chips, chemical solvents, etc., splash out and damage the body, eyes, or skin of workers or others.
④Electric shock: electric shock accidents caused by electric tools.
2. Reasons for injury caused by hand tools:
①Improper selection of hand tools.
② Failure to maintain in accordance with regulations.
③Failed to check in accordance with regulations before use.
④The method used is incorrect.
⑤Not wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.
⑥ Improper the storage location of tools.
3. The principle of safe use of hand tools:
①Choose hand tools are suitable for work needs.
②Keep the tools in good usable condition.
③Choose hand tools with good materials.
④Check the hand tools before use.
⑤Use hand tools in the correct way.
⑥Hand tools should be placed in a safe place.
⑦Appropriate protective equipment should be worn before work.
⑧Choose standard tools or prescribed hand tools.