The difference between ordinary wrench and ratchet wrench


In home life, in addition to a screwdriver is a wrench, […]

In home life, in addition to a screwdriver is a wrench, a variety of wrenches are required for installation, maintenance, and disassembly.


"Living wrenches, torx wrenches, L-shaped wrenches and allen wrenches" are commonly used wrenches, and most of these wrenches are used in the same way.

Industrial ratchet arm

Ratchet wrenches are more and more used by everyone because of their high torque, high hardness, and easy operation. Then, as a wrench, how should ordinary manual wrenches and ratchet wrenches be selected?


Ordinary manual wrenches have a simple mechanism, and use the principle of lever to turn bolts, screws, nuts, etc.


The ratchet wrench mechanism is more complicated than the ordinary wrench. The retaining space of the main body head is provided with a snap spring, a pawl, a spring, and a ratchet wheel. The ratchet wheel is composed of a ratchet body and a spacer sleeve. The ring of the groove, the spacer sleeve fits on one side of the ratchet body.


Comparison of wrench characteristics


Ordinary manual wrenches are easy to operate and have high labor intensity.


The ratchet wrench can be used to rotate bolts or nuts placed in a narrow or difficult-to-access position. The ratchet wrench is rotatably connected to the end of the operating rod.


How to choose a wrench?


To choose according to the use environment, the tension and torque of different types of wrenches are different, and the strength of the friction generated during use is also different.


Swintool ratchet wrenches integrates ordinary manual wrench and ratchet wheel, covering most of the scenes of using wrench in home life, to meet everyone's habit of using manual tools.