Socket wrench knowledge collection, how much do you know?


What is a socket wrench? A socket wrench consists of mu […]

What is a socket wrench? A socket wrench consists of multiple sockets with hexagonal holes or twelve-angle holes and is equipped with handles, posts and other accessories. It is suitable for screwing bolts with very narrow positions or deep recesses. Or nuts. Socket wrench is a common hardware tool. What problems should we pay attention to during use?

  The material and the shape of the ring hole of the socket wrench are the same as that of the torx wrench, which is suitable for bolts or nuts with narrow disassembly and assembly positions or requiring a certain torque. Different socket wrenches are suitable for different occasions and can effectively improve work efficiency. The commonly used socket wrench specifications are 10-32mm.

  The characteristics of socket wrenches:

  The socket wrench can be connected in all directions and is suitable for the construction of steel bar connection in the reinforced concrete structure of various buildings that bear the two-way force of tension and compression. The socket wrench can be prefabricated in advance, and the factory operation is convenient and quick to operate, which can greatly increase the construction speed and shorten the construction period. At the same time, the socket wrench also has the characteristics of saving materials and energy, and is not restricted by the composition and type of steel bars.

   Application of socket wrench:

  The socket wrench is suitable for bolts or nuts with small disassembly and special concealed parts. According to requirements, socket wrenches can be combined with sockets and handles of different specifications. For example, the movable handle can adjust the required force arm, and the quick handle is used to quickly disassemble bolts and nuts. The socket wrench has multiple functions, is convenient to use, safe and reliable, and is one of the commonly used hardware tools.

  Notes on the use of socket wrenches:

  1) The opening size of the selected socket wrench must be in accordance with the size of the bolt or nut. If the opening of the wrench is too large, it may slip off the hand and damage the tool.

  2) Clean the dust and oil on the surface of the socket wrench regularly to prevent it from slipping off during use.

  3) Ordinary wrenches are designed according to the strength of human hands. When encountering tighter threaded parts, you cannot hit the wrench with a hammer. Except for socket wrenches, no other wrenches can be fitted with booster rods, so as not to damage the wrenches or threaded connections.

  4) In order to prevent the wrench from being damaged and slipping off, the pulling force should be applied to the thicker side of the opening to prevent the opening from appearing in a "eight" shape and damaging the nut and wrench.