• Connection method of flat welding flange

    Connection method of flat welding flange

    Flat welding flange connection device: Flat welding flange is the connection device of two large diameter pipes with American standard flange connection, usually two flange pieces plus a number of fastening bolts. Low carbon steel has good plasticity and low strength. It will become hard after addin... read more

    Aug 14,2020 News
  • What is the concept of flange

    What is the concept of flange

    Also called flange flange or flange. Flange is a part that connects between shaft and shaft and is used for connection between pipe ends; it is also useful for flanges on the inlet and outlet of equipment for connection between two equipment, such as reducer flange. Flange connection or flange joint... read more

    Aug 08,2020 News
  • Structural composition of SAE split flange

    Structural composition of SAE split flange

    SAE split flange is also called flange. The SAE split flange is a component that mainly connects pipes to each other. Separate SAE flanges are tight and reliable. The split SAE flange has two sealing surfaces. At present, all kinds of plastics are widely used as the sealing surface material of ball ... read more

    Jul 29,2020 News
  • Let's revisit the ratchet wrench

    Let's revisit the ratchet wrench

    The ratchet wrench is a manual screw tightening tool, which has single-end and double-head multi-specification movable handle ratchet wrenches (fixed holes). The main plum blossom sleeves and the slave plum blossom sleeves of different specifications and sizes are connected by a female key and a mal... read more

    Jul 24,2020 News
  • What Is Ratchet turnbuckle

    What Is Ratchet turnbuckle

    Turnbuckles can only be tightened or loosened safely with the locking ratchet tool. Ratchet turnbuckles are specialty ratchet binders that use a tensioning mechanism as part of an assembly that secures or stabilizes a potentially loose object. They are sometimes called rigging turnbuckles.   Ra... read more

    Jul 17,2020 News