Is the vehicle maintenance meticulous to every screw?


Weapons and equipment are the "second life" of soldiers […]

Weapons and equipment are the "second life" of soldiers. For drivers, the vehicle is their "second life". At the time when autumn and winter overlap, a comprehensive maintenance of vehicles is a key step to ensure combat effectiveness. Recently, a brigade of the 72nd Army of the Army has launched a seasonal maintenance in autumn and winter. What is the scene like? Let's take a look!

"Theory is the forerunner of practice, and thought is the guide for action." A heart-to-heart education kicks off the season of maintenance. The veteran squad leader with rich driving experience will explain the structure of the vehicle and the vehicle parts that need to be maintained during seasonal maintenance. The officers and soldiers listened carefully and remembered carefully Ratchet turnbuckle.

Dismantling, washing, wiping, and wiping are meticulous, and the key parts are spotless. Drilling the bottom of the car, climbing the roof, every old part of the vehicle must be replaced. Apply butter and fill paint, so that every screw must be maintained one by one. Wipe the glass, wash the tires, every groove of the vehicle must be carefully wiped.

The maintenance of parts is as detailed as a screw must be carefully maintained. Under such high standards and strict requirements, the "old guys" have a completely new look.