How to use the torque wrench correctly and lighter


1. Pull down the positioning sleeve on the handle, turn […]

1. Pull down the positioning sleeve on the handle, turn the handle to the required torque value, loosen the positioning sleeve and let it reset automatically to lock the handle and the housing.
2. To adjust the torque, the wrench with an afterburner can rotate the differential cylinder at the end of the wrench to the required torque value. Then turn the locking ring on the afterburner to align the red line with the scale line, put on the afterburner, and turn the locking ring to lock the afterburner.
3. Install a suitable socket on the square tenon to cover the fastener.
4. Slowly increase the force on the handle, after hearing the "click" sound, remove the force.
5. For a torque wrench with low torque, the alarm sound is very slight when the torque value is low, and it has a slippery feel, which means that the set torque value has been reached.
6. The torque wrench that is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time should be operated with high torque 5-6 times before use and testing so that the components can be lubricated. Please adjust the torque to the minimum torque value when not in use.
The correct way to apply a torque wrench
Fit the socket tightly on the square tenon of the torque wrench, and then place the socket on the fastener without tilting. When applying force, hold the middle of the handle tightly and slowly apply the force in the direction of the common plane perpendicular to the torque wrench and the fastener until you hear a "click" sound to remove the force.

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