How to use tap wrenches correctly?


1. Align the tap with the eye hole so that the plane of […]

1. Align the tap with the eye hole so that the plane of the tap and the workpiece remains vertical.

2. When tapping, if you feel that the forward rotation is laborious, you can not force the rotation, Ratchet Wrenches you can go backward a quarter turn to remove the chips accumulated around the cutting part of the tap and the hole, and then continue to tap forward.

3. The force must be even when tapping. You can hold the wrench with one hand and the tap with the other to rotate it evenly, or press the wrench with both hands to rotate it evenly.

4. The spanner used should be suitable for the size of the tap. When it is laborious to twist the spanner, never extend the sleeve on the spanner.

5. After tapping is completed, when the tap is turned back, after loosening the tap with a wrench, it cannot be moved back together with the wrench.

6. After taking out the tap, pour out the chips accumulated in the threaded hole, or pour it out with oil, take it out with a hook, blow it out with compressed air, and do not blow it with your mouth to prevent iron chips from flying into your eyes.

7. When tapping, if there is a stone in the material or cannot be tapped, you can use a three-tap tap to return to the tapped part to reduce the cutting force, and then continue to tap with the head tap.