How to use a torque wrench?


Torque wrench is also called hydraulic wrench, pressure […]

Torque wrench is also called hydraulic wrench, pressure wrench is a kind of wrench. Many people don't know much about torque wrenches. Today I will introduce you to torque wrenches.

According to power, torque wrenches can be divided into electric torque wrenches, pneumatic torque wrenches, hydraulic torque wrenches and manual torque wrenches; manual torque wrenches can be divided into: preset type, fixed value type, dial type, digital display type, sliding type, curved Folding, kilogram wrench. The hydraulic wrench can be tightened at the beginning and end, and its function is to adjust the screw and bolt tightening first.

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Method of using torque wrench:

When the torque wrench is in use, you hear a "pop", indicating that the torque has reached your required blood pressure Ratchet Wrenches.

In the use of torque wrenches, we must first select appropriate variables according to the requirements of the measurement object. The measured torque value should not be less than 20% of the displacement of the torque device in use. It is not advisable to use reinforced small torque workpieces for large sizes. The smaller scale cannot be used as a substitute for super grade.

When measuring, hold the effective range of the handle with both hands and apply force slowly in the correct direction to the tube body until the tube body reaches the set size. When spraying, according to the national standard instrument operation specification, the deviation of verticality shall not exceed 10 degrees. The deviation between the horizontal line and the bottom must not exceed 3.

The new operating torque wrench saves time and effort, the torque is adjustable, and it is very convenient to use.