How to talk about ratchet wrenches from a ratchet perspective


A ratchet wrench is a type of wrench and is a very ever […]

A ratchet wrench is a type of wrench and is a very everyday hand tool. Although many young people know the ratchet wrench, they do not know much about its function and principle. Today, iBrand's tools will tell you about ratchet wrenches, I hope you can have a more in-depth understanding of ratchet wrenches.

Ratchet wrench is a kind of wrench, it is a manual screw tightening tool, single head, double head and multi-specification movable handle ratchet torx wrench (fixed hole). It is mainly connected by the main plum blossom sleeve and the slave plum blossom sleeve of different specifications and sizes through the engagement of the female key and the male key of the hinge key. Both ends of the ratchet wrench have different specifications of plum through holes, which can act on two different specifications of screws, thereby expanding the scope of use, not only saving raw materials but also reducing labor costs.

When working in tight places, a ratchet wrench is the best choice. The ratchet wrench swings at a relatively small angle and can tighten or loosen a screw or nut. Turn the handle clockwise to tighten, and the square sleeve is fitted with a strut. When the handle is pulled back in the opposite direction, the strut slides out in the ramp of the ratchet teeth, so the screw or nut does not follow in reverse. Turn the ratchet wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw or nut.

The ratchet wrench applies the principle of the ratchet to it. The ratchet mechanism is a one-way intermittent motion mechanism composed of a ratchet wheel and a pawl. It is composed of rocker, ratchet and pawl. When the rocker swings clockwise, the pawls hinged on the rod are inserted into the teeth of the ratchet, causing the ratchet to rotate through a certain angle at the same time. When the rocker swings counterclockwise, the pawl slides over the teeth of the ratchet, which stands still. In this way, the ratchet is rotated intermittently in one direction.

Ratchet wrenches are also widely used. Like on the railway. Ratchet wrenches are ideal for tightening sleeper nuts, which can meet the torque of railway vertical bolts. The ratchet wrench can be loosened and tightened by swinging the wrench, which is convenient and quick, saving time and effort.

Of course, in addition to ratchet wrenches, there are many hand tools, such as Torx screwdrivers, hexagon wrenches, Torx wrenches, etc.