How to install the welding flange?


Installation of butt Flange Clamps: 1. First, position […]

Installation of butt Flange Clamps:
1. First, position the connector.
2. Install the sealing ring, the inside of the sealing sleeve and the cone hole of the socket.
3. Install the ferrule, and apply grease to the contact part of the ferrule inside the ferrule to facilitate installation.
4. To install bolts and spherical nuts, grease should be applied to the spherical surface and threads for installation.
5. Tighten the nut must be tightened in a diagonal order gradually and evenly and ensure that the ferrule has a symmetrical position.
6. Use a torque wrench to tighten the nut according to the required torque in the product manual.

Stainless steel neck butt welding flange
The outer slope of the neck of the butt-welded flange should not be greater than 7o. Welding flanges strictly control technical parameters during production and welding to ensure that they can fully play their role and value in production and use