How to install the screws on the license plate?


Everyone who owns a car knows that our car needs a lice […]

Everyone who owns a car knows that our car needs a license plate, but in the process of getting a license plate, it also requires a lot of attention to the details. Some novice drivers don’t understand the points and fines, so today we take this opportunity to show everyone Let’s take a look at how to get the license plate, and what details need to be paid attention to. When the previous new traffic law was just changed, it required four fixing screws to be attached to the license plate


But the original designer of the old car only had two fixed DIN 1478 turnbuckles, so when you put four on, the next two are just like a look, so it will appear later, if there are two small holes, only two small holes are needed. If there are 4 holes, 4 holes must be installed. My car can only have two fixing screws, so the license plate and the car will make some noises over time.



So I first cleaned the car a little bit and put on a double-sided tape, which can avoid noise when the license plate is loose. When the double-sided tape is applied, the license plate is aligned to the symptom, and then it can be attached by pressing it. Now, after attaching it, we will attach the fixed screw. When the screw is fixed, there will be a protrusion on the side of the screw cap.


The design of this structure prevents it from being released when it is sealed, so it has a certain anti-theft and anti-demolition effect. When unloading the license plate at the vehicle tube, it is necessary to clamp the screw cap with a large clip and then unscrew it. When screwing the screw, we must first insert it and then tighten the screw, and then tighten the screw. Personally, I will tighten the license plate very tightly to ensure that it will not loosen, and then it is considered to be tightened.


When applying the license plate on the back, follow the same steps as the previous one. Then just screw up the screws. Since the screws on the back were cut a few days ago, the holes are too big, so you can only plug the holes with a little waterproof glue. To avoid water infiltration in this place, we can finally put Gu Feng card on it.


We must pay attention to a few details when registering the license, that is, do not cover the white border, because the license frame is required to not cover the white border, so we must expose the white border when the license is registered, otherwise it will Punishment by blocking the number plate, even deducting points. The second is to get him upright, because it will be very ugly if it is crooked, and the third is to not have anything stuck in the screw hole. If it is stuck, it will be taken out for him.


The last point is that you are advised to put some foam glue on the license plate, or use some double-sided tape like me, to prevent the loosening of the license plate and the friction of the car in the later stage to cause some noise. All of these have been achieved, I think your license plate It's completely good, so don't underestimate the license. This is also asked by many universities.