How to choose a wrench?


Wrench material: The material of the wrench is generall […]

Wrench material: The material of the wrench is generally carbon steel and alloy steel. The alloy steel is mostly chromium vanadium steel; there are many grades of chromium vanadium steel. Generally speaking, the higher the grade, the better the quality. Carbon steel materials are generally used for low-end products, and chrome vanadium steels are generally used for medium- and high-end products.

Appearance style: There are many styles of dual-use wrenches, the conventional ones are convex shin, concave shin, and flat shin. Each production process is different, and the surface treatment is also very different. The convex shin is mostly made of carbon steel, and the concave shin is mostly made of alloy steel.

Appearance punching: plum blossom shape is full, the curve is graceful, the wall thickness is uniform, and it is more standardized. The opening part has a round shape, and the outside is excessively smooth, smooth and stable. The inner wall of the hole is flat and even, without burrs and knife marks. The handshake area is round and free of flash.

Surface treatment: There are many kinds of surface treatment, including polishing, mirror surface, matte matte surface, blackening, electrophoresis, etc. There are many subtle differences in the matte matte surface. Among them, the watermark fog is the most high-end. Another very important thing is the quality of the above specifications and trademarks. The trademark and specifications should be clear and clear, and the fonts should be uniform and refined.

Thickness: For wrenches of the same specification, the smaller the thickness, the higher the requirements for torque and other standards. The lighter the weight, the more comfortable it is for people to use, so the quality is better.

Tolerance range: For example, a 14MM nut corresponds to an opening of 14MM; the opening needs to be enlarged properly to facilitate quick fit; but it should not be enlarged too much, which will damage the nut and make it "smooth". Therefore, it is necessary to be accurate in the size of the opening or the plum blossom mouth.

Torsion and hardness: Excellent quality requires the perfect combination of hardness and toughness. Too hard and tough enough to break easily; too soft to deform easily.

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