How many ratchet turnbuckles should be on the license plate?


With the gradual increase in the number of cars in the […]

With the gradual increase in the number of cars in the city, the traffic control department has become more and more stringent in the management of vehicles. Many details and loopholes in the past are now clearly stipulated. For example, getting the license plate is very random in the past, as long as there is a license plate right in front and behind it. But now it's different. The traffic control department has strict requirements on how to list vehicles, and even the use of several Ratchet turnbuckles has clear regulations. Today we are going to talk about how many Ratchet turnbuckles need to be on the license plate. If you make a mistake, you will deduct 12 points. Take a good look and learn.


Because car manufacturers do not have uniform requirements when designing places to hang license plates. So the number of screw holes is different for many models. Like many old-fashioned cars before, there are two screw holes, and now many have four screw holes at the front and rear. Many car owners now use the Ratchet turnbuckle based on the screw holes. For example, if there are 4 holes on one side, 4 holes are used, and if there are 2 holes, 2 are used. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this method. But now the traffic control department in some areas has strict regulations, for example, the front and rear license plates of a car must be fixed with four Ratchet turnbuckles. At this time, we can only install according to this number.

Seeing that there are small partners, I have to ask, what will happen if the requirements of the traffic control department are not installed? The editor is here to tell you clearly that the consequences are more serious. The traffic police found that 12 points can be deducted and a fine of 200 yuan can be deducted. For car owners who have just obtained a driver’s license, if they do not clearly understand the requirements of the local transportation department for the installation of a license plate, they may need to re-test their driver’s license. So everyone must be listed correctly.


In fact, we should also understand the regulations of the traffic control department on the legal and compliant installation of license plates, because there are now a large number of vehicles and a wide variety of vehicles. If the vehicles are not listed as required, after a traffic accident, there may be situations where the responsibility cannot be implemented correctly. Don't want such a thing to happen. The second is that some license plate screws are corroded all the year round, resulting in unstable installation, and finally fall off during driving. This is very dangerous and can even threaten the lives of people in the car behind.


In summary, we can realize the importance of correct listing, and how to correctly listing: Although there is no fixed standard, local requirements must be installed. This is not only responsible for oneself, but also a guarantee for the safety of others' lives.