Connection method of flat welding flange


Flat welding flange connection device: Flat welding fla […]

Flat welding flange connection device: Flat welding flange is the connection device of two large diameter pipes with American standard flange connection, usually two flange pieces plus a number of fastening bolts. Low carbon steel has good plasticity and low strength. It will become hard after adding a suitable amount of carbon element. The plasticity is reduced and the strength is strengthened. Generally, it is used on pipelines. 

Flat-welded flange connections are generally used on pipelines. In that case, loosening the bolts can rotate the pipelines on both sides, and then tightening can make it easier to disassemble and assemble the pipeline. The flange made of carbon steel is called carbon steel flange; the flat welding flange connection method is also the simplest connection method with cast iron pipes and steel pipes.

Flange connection is suitable for connecting pipe fittings with pipe diameter from φ50-315mm. The performance characteristics of the matching flange: non-rigid connection, removable, tensile strength. The flange connection method is usually used as a detachable connection on the low-pressure transmission pipeline.